What is Coex Tube

In the field of cosmetic packaging tube, Coex (co extruded) tube is another widely used type in addition to the laminated tube.

Compared with the luminated tube, it is more applied to high-end personal care products.

For example, lipstick tube, eye cream, sunscreen and so on. Similar to PBL tube, coextrusion (Coex) tubes use EVOH film as a barrier layer to protect the contents from oxygen transfer and the packaging from oil transfer.

However, they are not made of cut, rolled and sealed plastic layers, but of extruded plastic layers. It requires two or more extruders. Each extruder provides the pre measured amount of molten plastic for the final product, and the finished product has no lamin The connection gap like the ated tube is more beautiful. Similarly, like PBL, it can recover itself after extrusion.

Coex tube has more choices in surface treatment. You can choose to do matte or bright tube body, and add pearlescent, electroplating or soft touch effect at the same time. At the same time, we can do silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, labeling and other processes.

Currently popular environmental protection materials, such as PCR and sugarcane, can also be added to Coex tube. And its order quantity is usually much lower than that of the luminated tube.

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