What is Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube and Plastic Barrier Llaminated Tube

Plastic packaging Tube can be said to be the oldest and most widely existing in the field of packaging materials.

It is widely applied to the storage of products such as lotion, cream, toothpaste, ointment and so on. It can be designed to be very high-grade and luxurious, used for all kinds of cosmetics brands, and can also be designed to be very practical and appear in every family. Although the trend of cosmetic packaging materials has been updated, plastic Tube has always been a unique existence.

When it comes to plastic packaging Tube, laminate tubes is a topic that must be mentioned. According to different barrier materials, the mainstream laminate tubes are mainly divided into ABL (aluminum barrier laminate tube) and PBL (plastic barrier laminate tube).

ABL tube, as its name implies, uses aluminum foil as a barrier layer. Therefore, it can better protect your products from external environmental pollution. ABL tube is most commonly used for packaging toothpaste. In addition, because of its stability, it can also hold aggressive products, such as liniment ointment, essential oil and many different pharmaceutical and industrial products. An important feature of ABL is the ability to maintain “extrusion shape”. It has no resilience. Once squeezed, it will deform together with the paste.

PBL tube, completely made of plastic, It uses ethylene vinyl alcohol As a barrier layer, EVOH membrane can effectively prevent oxygen from entering the product from the environment and oil from entering other layers. It is mainly used for the packaging of cosmetics, especially lip gloss products. The biggest difference between PBL and ABL is that it is elastic. After extrusion, it will gradually return to its original shape.

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