O que você deve saber sobre um tubo de batom quadrado

In planning the production of lipstick, one thing that comes to mind is the lipstick tube shape. The shape of the tube may go a long way toward influencing the seller’s marketing goals. Generally, round or square lipstick tube shapes are the most common in the market. Here are some tips and tricks to help you select a square tube for your customers. And if you’re facing the challenge of choosing one, then continue reading.

What Is A Lipstick Tube? 

Lipstick tubes are cylindrical gadgets produced from metal or plastic materials. Usually, the base of the tube is gently twisted by hand to push the lipstick up and out of the tube during application to the lips. It also comes with a cap to protect the open end of the lipstick from damage.

Lipstick tubes are often tiny enough to fit within a handbag or cosmetics bag. For this reason, it is convenient for individuals to carry them around to reapply lipstick as required. There are several existing lipstick tube shapes on the market.

Round and oval shapes to the all-new stylish square shape lipstick tubes. Considering how universal the round lipstick tubes are, one may want to believe the square lipstick tubes can never dominate the market. You may consider using the square form for new or existing lipstick producer who wants to rebrand. It is trendy and a fantastic way to capture customers’ attention as it is pretty unique. 

Benefits of the shape

Picking a design for your brand’s lipstick or lip balm container may seem insignificant. However, choosing the suitable tube shapes for your lipstick collection drives you to the path of success in the business. Attention to this detail helps you proceed with the weight, size, finish, and overall form. As a manufacturer or retailer, every detail should matter.

These factors are undoubtedly important throughout the production process to create an excellent product for the market. Using the round-shaped lipstick containers leaves you in competition with those who have already established a strong market position. If you choose to go with the current trend of using cubic molds for lipstick brands, here’s how it might be helpful or problematic. These pros and cons will help to guide you in the proper direction.

Pros of A Square Lipstick Tube

Edgy shapes on lipstick tubes are your best bet if you want to grab the attention of end-users.

They are visually appealing and readily stackable in make-up bags, especially those with a unique compartment for this make-up necessity.

  • Square lipstick tubes are more durable.
  • As a distinctive element for your range of cosmetic items, it will most likely stand out as one’s favorite.
  • They fit neatly into delivery boxes. 
  • This shape may also prevent accidental falls, especially when carelessly left on the dressing table. It would remain intact and never slide off to the floor.
  • Using an automated process, product labeling is easy to achieve.

Cons of A Square Lipstick Tube

  • Remember, product labeling is essential in packaging. Mechanically, round lipsticks are easier to label. On the other hand, square lipsticks are more challenging. 
  • At a glance, one may think getting a good grasp on an edgy-looking tube will be challenging.
  • Getting the attention of the elderly ones in the market will be challenging. They are accustomed to the conventional shape.

Things to consider when buying a lipstick tube

Lipstick tubes are most often produced from plastic and glass materials. The plastics used for the lipstick tubes and barrels are relatively safe, inexpensive, and have excellent printing compatibility. They are unaffected by lipstick no matter how long they stay in there, serving as a guide against external elements.

Glass is another material used in cosmetic packaging. It is the preferred material for producing lipstick tubes because it has a better appearance and finish than plastics. Furthermore, it provides more excellent protection from the elements.

Unlike the plastic tubes, the glass is resistant to oxygen and moisture. Metal is also becoming more popular in cosmetics. In addition, it has a more luxurious appearance and is more versatile.

Although, glass and plastic are both excellent choices for lipstick and lip-gloss tubes. More manufacturers will choose to make their packaging out of glass in the future.

How to Choose the Right Shape

Finally, there is an essential factor to consider: the end-user. Research has proven that cosmetics are pretty popular among young people who are always on the go. As mentioned earlier, square-shaped tubes are the best option if your market focuses on fashion-conscious customers. 

Take time to identify your customers. It will be unjust to ignore this since it depends on the consumers’ interests and preferences. Our products are the perfect cosmetics tubes for your lipstick. It serves as a fantastic package for homemade lipsticks and lip balms.

They are made of premium materials, safe and reliable to use. Our classic square lipstick tube is lightweight, with the proper capacity and size for portable carry during travel and trip. We also have a transparent tube body to help the consumer see the remaining volume of cosmetics in the container.

An excellent present for your family, friends, and loved ones who enjoy DIY. There are many different types of square lipstick tubes to choose from, and we are confident that you will enjoy our high-quality products. Each tube features a snap-on cover that will firmly cling onto your product to avoid contact with air.

If you’re interested in our square lipstick tube, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can browse our extensive wholesale square lipstick tube collection to get great deals and prices. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each design is as low as 10,000 units.

Our delivery method is smooth and quick. We can handle bulk orders, and our lead time is excellent. With an expert support crew always available to answer your questions and concerns, be rest assured we will get to you within a short time. Please, complete the contact form to get started.  



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