Laminated tube

Our Laminated tubes are widely used in the storage of products such as emulsion, cream, toothpaste, ointment, and so on. It can be designed to be very high-grade and luxurious, used for various cosmetics brands, or it can be designed to be very practical and appear in every family.

The cosmetic tube package is one of our earliest products. As early as 15 years ago, our ABL tubes have been exported to the United States, Europe, and other countries. We have accumulated rich experience in equipment renewal, export packaging, and service of pipe making machines.

Next, introduce the process characteristics of Laminated tubes:

According to different barrier materials, mainstream laminated tube are mainly divided into ABL (aluminum barrier laminated tube) and PBL (plastic barrier laminated tube).

The composite sheet used by the ABL tube is mainly the packaging material produced by gluing plastic and aluminum foil. The hierarchical structure is PE + aluminum + PE, the outer surface is plastic, the middle barrier layer is aluminum foil, and the plastic of the inner layer is in contact with the paste. Moreover, the material of plastic is mainly polyethylene, which will not react with the paste. At the same time, it can better protect your products from external environmental pollution. ABL tubes are most commonly used for packaging toothpaste. In addition, due to its stability, it can also accommodate corrosive products, such as liniments, ointments, essential oils, and many different pharmaceutical and industrial products. In addition, for surface printing, flexographic printing is carried out after the composite sheet is adopted. The surface printing can also be carried out in the inner layer of the surface film by intaglio printing and then composite sheet. Any complex pattern can be printed, and the pattern is beautiful, wear-resistant, and glossy.

The production process of PBL is basically the same as that of ABL, but its sheets are all made of plastic. The hierarchy is PE + EVOH + PE. Although perfect aluminum foil can completely block gas, water vapor, and light, in actual production, aluminum foil will produce pinholes, resulting in the decline of isolation ability. However, EVOH is the best plastic barrier material, which can fully meet the safety standards of packaging and edible products. But the cost is also 20% – 30% higher than that of aluminum foil.

Because it does not use aluminum foil, PBL can produce transparent tubes, which can be recycled and more environmentally friendly.

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