Aluminum jar

Aluminum can packaging has always been one of our best-selling products. Aluminum material has good ductility, very light and durable. In the cosmetics packaging container industry, it is mainly used for hand cream, hair wax, solid shoe polish, solid spices, candy and other products. Aluminum raw materials are very safe and meet the requirements of food management level. We have MSDS report of raw materials The capacity of aluminum cans is very large, generally 5-1000ml, of which 30 / 50 / 100 / 250ml is the most popular. The aluminum cover is mainly screw cover and also has snap on design. The main advantages of aluminum cans are:

  1. Light weight, easy to carry and recyclable.
  2. Good sealing performance. It mainly adopts nut design, and the sealing gasket is placed in the cover. Even if tested with water, there is no risk of leakage detection. All our aluminum boxes can pass the leak proof test of vacuum box.
  3. Compared with glass, plastic and other raw materials, aluminum cans are not easy to break, light in weight and low in transportation cost. We usually use standard export cartons for layered packaging.
  4. Safe use. The edge of the aluminum can is an arc. Feel delicate, don’t worry about cutting your fingers. It’s safe to use.
  5. Aluminum cans can be printed in a variety of ways to make the products more beautiful and unique.

Another attraction of aluminum cans is that it can use various printing technologies. Usually we can screen print the top, edge and bottom of the cover. Screen printing is to print some simple patterns on the surface of aluminum cans, such as company logo or text. The advantage is that the minimum order quantity is relatively low, the pattern is simple and clear, and there is a three-dimensional feeling, but generally, too complex patterns cannot be made, and the general color types should not exceed 4; You can also make relief. Embossing is to punch an outward convex or inward concave shape on the surface of the aluminum cover without changing the font color. The minimum order quantity is generally more than 5000 pieces. If your manuscript has complex patterns and multiple colors, we can also make offset printing. Offset printing is printing directly on the surface of aluminum plate. The colors can be rich and diverse, and the whole can be printed. Offset printing and steel stamping are usually carried out at the same time to make the packaging effect better. However, the minimum order quantity for color printing is relatively high, generally more than 30000 pieces. At the same time, we can also carry out 3D printing and laser labeling.

Our warehouse has a large inventory of silver, black and gold aluminum boxes all year round, so if you need a small and urgent order, we can also provide it at any time. It is usually sent by FedEx or ups and can arrive within 7-10 days.

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