Roll on bottle

We are a professional roll on bottle manufacturer and supplier.

The roll on bottle is a container with ball embedded in the mouth of the bottle. When in use, the bottle mouth is downward, and the ball roll out of the liquid by gently squeezing. The rolling ball can be easily applied to the hand, around the eyes or face. This design can fully ensure that your product is not polluted by the outside. At the same time, it can avoid the risk of liquid leakage. It can be evenly applied to the skin surface, feeling soft and cool. So it is used more and more widely. Ball is generally made of three materials: steel ball, glass ball and plastic ball. According to the capacity of the bottle body, the size and material of the ball, the purposes are also different. Generally small capacity (below 30ml), usually glass bottle body collocation with steel ball, mainly used for perfumery, eye cream, essential oil products. The product positioning is relatively high. They are characterized by small size and are easy to carry. At the same time, due to the glass bottle body, the remaining capacity of the product can be observed at any time. Large capacity, usually more than 50ml, mainly plastic bottle body with plastic ball, and the price will be cheaper. It is mainly used for body odor, disinfection gel, antipyretic gel, mosquito repellent liquid and other products. His advantage is that the product is durable, and the contact surface is larger and more uniform.

The key of the ball bottle is the fit between the ball and the bottle mouth. If the gap is too large, it will lead to the risk of liquid leakage. If the gap is too tight, it will lead to the ball being too tight to roll. Therefore, the requirements for molds are very high. Our molds have been repeatedly tested with high precision. At the same time, each product has passed the leak proof test of vacuum box, which is reliable in quality.

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