PETG bottle

For women who love beauty, PETG jar is no stranger. Because of its hardness, strong transparency and strong chemical resistance, it is more and more widely used in cosmetic packaging. Many cosmetics brands committed to the medium and high-end route are increasingly choosing PETG jar to replace the previous PP / Pet jar and glass jar

The cost of raw materials purchased by PETG is more expensive than that of other raw materials.


PETG is a transparent, amorphous copolyester. Because a certain amount of ethylene glycol is replaced by 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol (CHDM) to prevent crystallization, PETG is more impact resistant and has a longer tensile ratio in the production process. Various shapes can be designed according to the intention of the designer. The PETG jars we produce are mainly cylindrical, cubic or other customer specified open mold shapes. At the same time, it has higher light transmittance than pet, and the light transmittance is as high as 91%, which is similar to plexiglass. If made from the same proportion of raw materials, the hardness of PETG is much better than that of pet. Therefore, pet is more used in the production of beverages, mineral water and some daily necessities, while PETG is more used in cosmetics. In addition, PETG has better coloring fluidity. Some inferior pet products may produce obvious water ripple marks, but PETG will not have this problem. If the color is applied, it will appear more uniform and smooth. In terms of corrosion resistance, PETG performs better in the chemical resistance test, and it has two kinds of single wall and double wall, which is more suitable for cosmetics that need long-term storage. In terms of oil resistance and high temperature resistance, pet and PETG have similar properties.


It is undeniable that PP jar has its advantages, mainly including low procurement cost, strong chemical resistance, not easy to corrosion and good heat resistance. However, as a cosmetic packaging, its biggest disadvantage is that it cannot achieve high transparency. If your product needs to be clearly displayed in front of users, or users can observe the use progress of content at any time, PETG jar is undoubtedly a better choice.

PETG VS Glass:

When PETG is applied to cosmetic packaging, it is known as the best substitute for glass packaging. Whether it is the raw material itself or the production process, it is more environmentally friendly than glass and meets the safety management requirements of food contact. Moreover, the folding resistance of PETG is much higher than that of glass, and its weight is much lighter than that of glass products, which can save a lot of transportation costs. We usually use standard export cartons and use dust-proof bags for packaging. In the long-distance export transportation, we ensure that the products will not be damaged or scratched, and we will not worry about glass products at all times

Our PETG jar can be customized according to the design requirements of customers. Specify color and printing, including silk screen printing, hot stamping and labeling. All products can pass the leak proof test of vacuum box. Lead time is around 20-30days,MOQ is 10000pcs and sometimes we can accept low qty order if we have stocks.

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