Card spray bottle

Spray bottles are very common in cosmetic packaging. PET bottles, acrylic bottles, vacuum bottles, or glass bottles are common. If you think this traditional packaging is too ordinary and want to pursue some light spray bottle packaging, maybe you can try our Card spray bottle.

It is called card spray bottle because its most classic style is rectangle, similar to the credit card we use. Of course, with the update of styles, there are more and more designs to choose from. You can design it in the shape of Apple phone or in the shape of circle and skirt.

The main material of the card spray bottle is PP, which is a very stable polymer plastic material with very stable properties and will not produce chemical reaction with your paste. A card spray bottle consists of up to four parts, namely the lid, bottle body, button, and sprayer. There is often a sealing ring on the sprayer to prevent leakage. Our products have passed special leak-proof tests. The sprayer part of most card spray bottles is snapped on the bottle. Once it is buckled in, it cannot be pulled out, so it cannot be refillable. Of course, we also have sprayer detachable models, which can be refillable. When you run out of a bottle of cream, you can pull out the sprayer and fill it again. Most of the other parts can be disassembled and assembled by themselves, which is very simple.

The biggest difference between Card spray bottle and other traditional spray bottles is that they are more light and portable. You can think about those things that you often need to carry out to protect your personal images, such as alcohol, perfume, and breath cleaner. If you are a traditional spray bottle, you need to carry a bag to load them very hard. But if you use the card spray bottle, you can easily put them in your carry on bag. We also have a special matching buckle. You can also hang it on your key. Now more and more young people even hang it on their chest, which has gradually become a fashion.

We can customize all kinds of colors and printing, so whether you use it personally or brand promotion, it’s worth a try. We can provide some samples for you checking for free.

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