Airless bottle

For high-end cosmetics, it is very important to match beautiful, luxurious, safe and environmentally friendly packaging. Compared with the previous traditional pump head distributor combination, vacuum bottle packaging is more and more favored by businesses. Vacuum bottle, as the name suggests, is a kind of packaging container that puts the paste in an air isolated environment for use. Products generally suitable for vacuum bottle packaging include:

• Creams
• Serums
• Foundations
• Lotions

Vacuum bottle cosmetic bottle, the main components include vacuum emulsion pump, bottle body, and bottom piston. The bottle body is provided with a bottle piston, which is sealed and matched with the inner wall of the bottle body. A liquid cavity is formed on the upper side of the bottle piston, an air cavity is formed on the lower side of the bottle piston, a small hole is connected with the air cavity at the bottom of the bottle body, and the air is discharged from the small hole. The contraction force of the spring is used to prevent air from entering the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, and the atmospheric pressure is used to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

The piston mechanism can be said to be the core of the operation of the vacuum bottle. If the piston fits too tightly with the bottle wall, it will cause too much resistance to squeeze and rise. If the fitting is too loose, it is easy to cause paste leakage and other problems. Therefore, the vacuum bottle has high professional requirements for mold and assembly.

Compared with traditional packaging products with dip tubes, vacuum bottles have the following advantages:

1. The paste will not contact with air during the whole extraction process, so it is cleaner and has a longer shelf life.

2. Traditional packaging often leads to some paste at the bottom can not be used completely, which is a waste for both consumers and manufacturers. However, the vacuum bottle can push the paste from the bottom to the top without worrying about this waste. At the same time, the vacuum bottle can also be recycled for refilling and use.

3. the traditional emulsion pump has springs and other metal devices inside. The paste will inevitably contact with these metals. With the problem of metal oxidation and rust, it may pollute your products. However, the vacuum bottle can avoid these problems. It will not let the paste contact any metal parts, so the product is more hygienic and safe.

4. There are more choices of raw materials for making vacuum bottles. In addition to high-quality and cheap PP materials, you can also choose as / acrylic and other materials. Combined with customized technology, your products will look more high-end and luxurious in terms of appearance and feel.

Usually vacuum bottles can be reused. Because reuse can save costs and improve efficiency, most of our vacuum bottles are rotary pump heads.

Compared with traditional packaging, the biggest advantage of the reuse of vacuum bottles is to maintain the vacuum environment and prevent the oxidation of some sensitive products.

So how to reuse it?

First, make sure that all the contents of the bottle are squeezed clean. At this time, the piston should be at the top of the bottle.

Then remove the lower pump head and clean the bottle. At the same time, push the piston back to the bottom of the bottle with a hard object.

After cleaning, slowly pour the contents into the bottle. This step should be slow to avoid air bubbles. At the same time, try to fill the bottle and exhaust all the air in the bottle.

Finally, reinstall the pump head and tighten it to ensure that the bottle mouth is sealed.


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