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The airless pump bottles wholesale offers are becoming very popular in the commercial scene because these airless bottles have proven to be among the best plastic bottles for a wide range of products. The manufacturing industry has leveraged these plastic bottles because of their airless pumps that work for non-pressurized plastic jars and bottles. Also, the bulk sales price is reasonable, making them among the best options for investors in the cosmetic packaging industry.

The airless bottles are suitable for a wide range of products like face cream brands, body spray products, and perfumes, among other cosmetics. They are also suitable for creams that can flow through the lotion pumps.

Also, the pump design on these airless pump bottles makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, so these bottles are a good match for different types of caps for lotions and other products in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Airless Bottle is Non-Pressurized

These products are unlike the pressurized cosmetic packaging we often buy from stores. Even without a pressurized container, the dispensers fitted on these bottles work excellently, making the plastic bottles among the bestsellers on the market. This makes the airless pumps safe for different types of products.

The non-pressurized features make them a good option for lotion pump bottles, dip tube, and other types of pp plastic containers.

Can the Airless Bottle be Refilled?

In some cases, it is possible for some bottles with airless pumps to be refilled and reused. However, we do not advise you to do that. This is because each product is unique with different chemical compositions. Therefore, mixing the previous content in the airless pump bottles with another product is quite a health risk.

These products may not work like glass jars with broader screw caps, but they are perfect for a one bottle per use case. There are special recycling arrangements for the pp plastic containers, so you should ensure you dispose of the airless pump bottles as soon as you consume the content.

How to Use the Airless Pump Bottles

Using bottles with airless pumps is easy. The process is similar to using aerosol cans. The airless pump works with pressure. All you need to do is apply slight pressure on the airless pump with your fingers, and the pump mechanism dispenses the content onto your palms.

Release the pump mechanism, and the content stops coming out. These bottles come in different colors, which may be clear or opaque. This allows you to monitor the bottle content and avoid over-dispensing the product in the cosmetic or cream bottle.

Also, an airless pump bottle with metal caps is easy to open. You can unscrew the metal caps to get access to the content in the bottle.

Are There Risks of Using These Airless Pump Bottles?

Generally, bottles made of pp plastic are safe for the customers who buy products. Also, the brands have done proper stock research to ensure the container is most adequate for their cosmetic packaging.

Also, using the pump on the bottle is safe, as there are no known reports of fatal injuries resulting from using a bottle with an airless pump.

However, we always advise every customer interested in making a purchase to place bulk orders from reputable brands online. The best products are made from high-quality materials, and the bottles have been adequately filled to make the pump function as it should.

We sell the best stock of airless pump bottles and other types of cosmetic container brands used for packaging these creams and other natural products. You can view our product line on the website and place bulk orders on demand for the quantity you need. Also, you can request customized shapes for liquid, cosmetics, and creams. The lead time for bulk orders is about thirty days.

Best Ways to Store an Airless Pump Bottle

The bulk orders for these airless pump bottles are affordable, especially when you buy from a trusted source. However, the end users can leverage unique tips to ensure the bottle is not compromised when used as a container to store cosmetic products or other lotions.

Generally, you should ensure the bottle is securely covered. This will prevent air or moisture from entering the bottle via the cap. Also, the customer should keep these products like any other aerosol cans or containers with natural content for beauty or wellness.

If you do not need to carry your container with pumps everywhere, keep it in a cool place, away from intense sunlight. If you have to keep the cosmetic bottle in a bag, you should ensure no sharp objects are in the bag because that can cause a puncture and leak.

Overall, not every customer can be very careful, so buying from a brand with the best packaging for their bottles with spray pumps is best.

Airless Pump Bottles in this Product Category

Thankfully, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry provides a wide range of bottles that come in different shapes, so you do not have to worry about finding the best option for your market audience. They have the best caps and no pressure, so you can safely use the content in these bottles.

Here are the top options on the market:

5ml Airless Pump Bottles

These airless bottles are made from clear plastic materials so you can see the bottle’s content. But, you can request a customized color for the bottle if you want something that closely reflects your brand. They have a secure cap, and the airless pumps are excellent. They dispense the content without challenges. All you need to do is apply a little pressure to expel the content in the bottle.

The stock bottles have a capacity of 5 ml. However, you can make a request for the 10 ml versions if that is what you want. Having that option provides variety for your customers who may need a bigger bottle of your perfume or face cream.

The bottle has a diameter of 18mm, which is excellent for products in the 5/10 ml category. Also, the material they have used to make this bottle is AS plastic grade.

This is a well-designed bottle and comes with one of the best versions of airless lotion pumps on the market. Also, this bottle is best for lotions and hand cream, and it serves excellently if you choose to use it as a travel bottle.

The lead time for bulk order production is about thirty days, and it could be less than that, and there are about 1000 bottles in every batch.

Airless Pump Bottle- IDP – R1

This airless pump bottle is a top-rated stock with a unique design that can make your brand stand out. The product comes in different volumes, so you can choose from the 15, 30, or 50 ml options. These volume capacities are accurate, which gives you the edge to avoid losing out when you sell your brand’s products to your end users.

The natural wood finishing is unique, making the container excellent for perfumes and other liquid cosmetics. The product recommendations for this container include creams for the face, hands, and other products.

The pumps on these bottles are sturdy, and the bottles have a diameter of 33.1mm. The lead time for this product is 20 days, and you get up to 3000 bottles in one bulk order.

4 oz Airless Pump Bottle

These are excellently designed cosmetic pump bottles for creams and lotions. The portable size makes them an excellent choice for traveling because they hold enough content for the trip and are easy to store in a bag.

The airless bottle head is sturdy and has a well-made press mechanism that releases the bottle’s content when you apply a little pressure on the pump. The bottle’s color is natural wood which looks classy, and the material grade for these airless bottles is a mix of bamboo, AS, and PP plastic.

You can ask for customized features on these products, their cosmetic packaging is excellent, and the lead time for a batch of 3000 pieces is about thirty days.

Airless Glass Cosmetic Bottles

These glass cosmetic bottles have the best pumps, so you can fill them up with your brand’s product. The containers are air-tight when you keep the cap securely locked. You can purchase the bottles in bulk through a seamless deal because a batch has 3000 pieces, and the lead time is about 30 days.

When making an order, you can ask for customized colors, including clear, white, or blue. This allows you to buy containers that match your brand’s colors. You can find a sample on the product page online, and the cap can be metal or plastic.

The volume capacity of these products is from 15 ml to 30 ml, and the product material is a mix of glass, aluminum, and As plastic. Overall, the product design is amazing, and you can search for better decoration features for more customized options.

150 ml Airless Pump Bottle Wholesale

The sample pictures on these air-tight containers, which you can see on the web page, reveal the best features which make them suitable for different cosmetic products. The container has a 44mm diameter and a volume capacity of up to 150 ml.

The plastic materials used to make these products is the PP grade, which is excellent for decoration to reflect the company logo or branding. There are several color options, and a batch of these products contains 3000 bottles for bulk order.

50ml Refillable Airless Pump Bottles

The refillable container is durable so that you can reuse it many times. The volume capacity is 50 ml, with options to buy 15 ml or 30 ml bottles as well. And the product material is AS plastic, which is suitable for such products.

You can find different colors on the web page, and we allow you to request customized colors to match your product’s brand. To fill the container, you only need to unscrew the cap, which is quite easy.

Also, the airless lotion pump head is durable. Other physical features are the 33.5 mm diameter and the 150 mm height, which is excellent. The lead time for a batch of 5000 is about 30 days, which is excellent for bulk buyers.

Bulk Orders Available

You can order any of these airless pump bottles wholesale, all you have to do is send us a customer contact form, and we will reply to start the process and complete your order.

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