PCR Introduction

Let’s briefly introduce the most popular environmental protection material: PCR. The full name of PCR is short for post consumer recycled, which is the abbreviation of waste extraction, recycling and reuse. The reason why it is considered to be a very good environmental protection material is that it is extracted and recycled from waste materials from domestic, commercial, industrial and other channels. As we all know, the amount of waste after consumption is not only huge, but also requires huge human and time costs to deal with it. When it is transformed into PCR, these waste can be transformed into new plastic raw materials for reproduction, so as to greatly reduce the amount of waste and energy consumption, and indirectly reduce chemical pollution and carbon dioxide emission. The PCR raw materials purchased by our company all have professional certificates, and have been put into production on Cosmetic PE tube, lipstick tubes, Roll on bottles, PET bottles and so on. The content of PCR in raw materials can reach 50% – 100%.

Of course, PCR materials also have some inevitable disadvantages. First of all, PCR materials can not be used for the production and processing of food packaging products because it is difficult to extract, there are many mixtures in the products, and some of the harmfulness is unknown. Secondly, the color of finished products made of PCR materials will not be as bright as before. For example, the original pure white will appear a little dark yellow and produce some spots. Therefore, customers with high requirements for product color and appearance may not be able to accept PCR synthetic products.

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