Order Before December 20

As we all know, raw materials have been rising wildly recently. Especially PET / PP / aluminum, so we have to raise the price of related products. They include spray bottles, ball bottles, aluminum cans and aluminum bottles. We will increase the price by 10% – 15% after December 20.

The good news is that the international sea freight is expected to decrease in the near future, especially to the United States and Europe. Moreover, we have good freight forwarding partners who can provide us with the best price. The most important thing is that they can mention the container as soon as possible

At present, the government’s power rationing policy is still being implemented, and with the Chinese New Year approaching, the delivery date will be more and more tight

To sum up, if you plan to promote relevant products next spring, we suggest that you place an order before December 20, so that we still have time to ensure that the goods can be delivered before the Chinese New Year.

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