How to Reuse Refillable Airless Pump Bottles

Usually, airless pump bottles can be reused. Of course, this first depends on the type of pump head. If it is a snap in pump head, it can not be reused because the embedded pump head can no longer be pulled out. If it is a screw pump head, it can be reused. Because refill can save costs and improve efficiency, most of our vacuum bottles are rotary pump heads.

Compared with traditional packaging, the biggest advantage of the reuse of vacuum bottles is to maintain the vacuum environment and prevent the oxidation of some sensitive products.

So how to reuse it?

First, make sure that all the contents of the bottle are squeezed clean. At this time, the piston should be at the top of the bottle.

Then remove the lower pump head and clean the bottle. At the same time, push the piston back to the bottom of the bottle with a hard object.

After cleaning, slowly pour the contents into the bottle. This step should be slow to avoid air bubbles. At the same time, try to fill the bottle and exhaust all the air in the bottle.

Finally, reinstall the pump head and tighten it to ensure that the bottle mouth is sealed.

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