Cosmetic Airless Pump Bottles

Airless pump bottle, as the name suggests, is a kind of packaging container that puts the paste in an air isolated environment for use. It is usually used in the packaging of latex skin care products.

Vacuum bottle cosmetic bottle, the main components include vacuum emulsion pump, bottle body, and bottom piston. The bottle body is provided with a bottle piston, which is sealed and matched with the inner wall of the bottle body. A liquid cavity is formed on the upper side of the bottle piston, an air cavity is formed on the lower side of the bottle piston, a small hole is connected with the air cavity at the bottom of the bottle body, and the air is discharged from the small hole. The contraction force of the spring is used to prevent air from entering the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, and the atmospheric pressure is used to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

The pump piston mechanism comprises a cover body connected with the cosmetic bottle body, a valve seat arranged on the cover body and a pump piston matched with the valve seat. It usually matches the emulsion pump head and spray nozzle. When we press the pump head, the piston will move upward, and the paste will come out of the liquid outlet through extrusion. When all the pasta is extruded, the piston will come to the top of the bottle body. At this time, if the pump head is unscrewed, the piston is pushed to the bottom again with a hard object, and the paste is filled again, it can be reused.

The piston mechanism can be said to be the core of the operation of the vacuum bottle. If the piston fits too tightly with the bottle wall, it will cause too much resistance to squeeze and rise. If the fitting is too loose, it is easy to cause paste leakage and other problems. Therefore, the vacuum bottle has high professional requirements for mold and assembly.

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