Aluminum Cosmetic Jars Can do Printing Technology

Another attractive thing about the aluminum cosmetic jar is that it can do all kinds of printing technology.

Usually, we can do silk screen printing on the top, edge, and bottom of the lid. Silk screen printing is to print some simple patterns on the surface of the aluminum cans, such as the company logo or text.

The advantage is that the MOQ is relatively low, the patterns are concise and clear, and there is a three-dimensional feeling, but usually, too complex patterns can not be made, and the general color types should not exceed 4kinds; You can also make embossed. The embossed is to punch an outward convex or inward concave shape on the surface of the aluminum cover without changing the color of the font. The MOQ is generally more than 5000pcs.

If your manuscript has complex patterns and many colors, we can also do offset printing. Offset printing is to print directly on the surface of the aluminum plate. The colors can be rich and varied, and the whole can be printed. Offset printing and steel printing are often processed at the same time to make your packaging effect look better.

However, the minimum order quantity of color printing is relatively high, generally more than 30000pcs.

At the same time, can also do 3D printing and laser labeling.


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