Airless Bottles Cosmetic Packaging

For high-end cosmetics, it is very important to match beautiful, luxurious, safe and environmentally friendly packaging. Compared with the previous traditional pump head distributor combination, vacuum bottle packaging is more and more favored by businesses.

Vacuum bottle, as the name suggests, is a packaging method used by paste in vacuum environment. Its bottom is equipped with a piston. When the user squeezes the pump head, a vacuum effect will be generated in the bottle, and the air in the bottle and the product will be extracted together.

Products generally suitable for vacuum bottle packaging include:

  • Creams
  • Serums
  • Foundations
  • Lotions

Compared with traditional packaging products with dip tubes, vacuum bottles have the following advantages:

  1. The paste will not contact with air during the whole extraction process, so it is cleaner and has a longer shelf life.
  2. Traditional packaging often leads to some paste at the bottom can not being used completely, which is a waste for both consumers and manufacturers. However, the vacuum bottle can push the paste from the bottom to the top without worrying about this waste. At the same time, the vacuum bottle can also be recycled for refilling and use.
  3. the traditional emulsion pump has springs and other metal devices inside. The paste will inevitably contact these metals. The problem of metal oxidation and rust, it may pollute your products. However, the vacuum bottle can avoid these problems. It will not let the paste contact any metal parts, so the product is more hygienic and safe.
  4. There are more choices of raw materials for making vacuum bottles. In addition to high-quality and cheap PP materials, you can also choose as / acrylic and other materials. Combined with customized technology, your products will look more high-end and luxurious in terms of appearance and feel.

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