Advantages of Cosmetic Aluminum Jar Packaging

Aluminum jar packaging has always been one of our best-selling products. Aluminum material has good ductility and is very light and durable. In the cosmetics packaging container industry, it is mainly used for hand cream, hair wax, solid shoe polish, solid spices, candy, and other products. The capacity of the cosmetic aluminum jar is generally 5-750ml, of which 30 / 50 / 100 / 250ml is the most popular. The aluminum cap is mainly a screw cap, and also has a snap-on design.

The main advantages of aluminum jars are:

1. Lightweight, easy to carry, and recyclable.

2. It has good sealing performance. The screw cap design is mostly adopted, and the gasket is placed on the cover. Even if water is used for testing, there will be no risk of leakage detection.

3. Compared with glass, plastic, and other raw materials, aluminum cans are not easy to break, and the cost is lower.

4. Various printing methods can be made on aluminum cans to make the products more beautiful and unique.

5. Safe to use. The edge of the aluminum jar is a circular arc. Don’t worry about cutting your fingers. It’s very safe to use.

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